Memorial Day message from the Health Ranger (video)

Sunday, May 27, 2018 by

This Memorial Day, I felt it important to post a message honoring all those who have sacrificed their lives so that we might have the privilege of fighting for freedom. I realize Memorial Day isn’t Veterans’ Day, but I feel the need to recognize veterans, fallen police officers, firefighters and all those who give their lives so that others might enjoy a more civil society.

Without the efforts of the brave men and women who blazed the path of liberty before us, we would not even have the ability to fight against tyranny today. That’s why I feel so humbled to do what I do, and I run this website with the constant internal reminder that it is our duty to carry on the fight for our liberty and strive to defeat tyranny and oppression in all its insidious forms (big government, tech monopolies, media propaganda, etc.).

Here’s my message on this Memorial Day as we remember that we stand on the shoulders of giants who came before us, and we have a solemn duty to carry forward their courageous efforts to create a future of freedom and prosperity for all humanity.

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