IODINE Truth vs. Disinformation UNVEILED (Video)

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The Health Ranger, a pioneering scientist, inventor and patent holder on radiation-related detox inventions, explains why much of the information being pushed today about iodine isn’t always scientifically correct.

Podcast Transcript: “As our world marches towards world war 3, I’ve seen an extreme uptake in the level of interest in iodine supplements. There has been a lot of bad disinformation about Iodine from a lot of iodine promoters. I’m not going to name any names because I’m not trying to embarrass them, but a lot of them are being very dishonest and somebody needs to tell the truth about all of this. So, I’ve decided to do that in the public’s interest. I want you to be safe. Even though I do sell iodine supplements at – if you want some – I’m going to tell you where they don’t work. I’m going to tell you why iodine is being over-hyped quite wildly by a some people. I’m also going to reveal why a lot of customers who are buying iodine, have a deep misunderstanding about why iodine is actually useful for. Welcome to Health Ranger Science. This is another science podcast at If you are wondering what are my credentials to be able to talk authoritatively about iodine as a scientist – I’m the patent holder of a US patent office issued invention for the removal of cesium-137 radio nuclides from the human body. You can search for that on Google Patents or anywhere else. Just search for “cesium eliminator” and you can read about that patent. I’m also the author of “Food Forensics” which reads the number 1 best-selling science book on I’m also the founder and lab-director of CWC Labs – which is an ISO accredited, audited, internationally recognized, independent science laboratory…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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