Mike Adams News /mikeadamsnews Mike Adams News - Mike Adams Information Tue, 11 Apr 2017 18:13:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.3 Iodine protection from nuclear fallout? Not always, warns the Health Ranger in science article debunking iodine myths /mikeadamsnews/2017-04-11-iodine-protection-from-nuclear-fallout-not-always-warns-health-ranger-science-article-debunking-myths.html Tue, 11 Apr 2017 17:55:19 +0000 As the risk of nuclear war continues rising by the day, iodine myths abound on the internet. While iodine is very important for protecting your thyroid and other organs from iodine-131, a dangerous radionuclide, the zealous over-promotion of iodine has led many people to falsely believe that iodine can protect them from ALL forms of radiation.

Not only is that false, it’s also dangerous. In truth, iodine only protects from one radionuclide (iodine-131), which isn’t anywhere near the most dangerous radioactive element unleashed in a nuclear war or nuclear accident.

To help educate and inform consumers about iodine and its legitimate uses, I’ve put together this iodine science article on IODINE.news which explains iodine’s uses and limitations for nuclear fallout protection. As the Health Ranger, I’m the inventor of Cesium Eliminator, US Patent # 9526751, which eliminates radionuclides from the human digestive tract, so I’ve done a considerable amount of hands-on laboratory research involving elements with radioactive isotopes.

The article debunks several important iodine myths while explaining legitimate iodine uses. It also reveals seven surprising things most people don’t know about iodine.

I consider it a must-read article for anyone buying, stockpiling or consuming iodine as a preparedness strategy. Yes, iodine is very useful and has its proper place in every prepper’s list of items for nuclear events, but it’s not a magical bulletproof vest against radiation. Far from it…

Click here to read the full article on iodine at Iodine.news. Also stay informed about radiological events and protection strategies at Radiation.news.

DISCLAIMER: My online store, called the Health Ranger Store, sells nascent iodine as a dietary supplement. That’s why I’m so adamant that consumer know the full story on this supplement. I want people to use iodine safely and with full knowledge of its uses and limitations.

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Remember When Doctors Told Us FAT Was Bad for Our Health? (Video) /mikeadamsnews/2017-04-11-remember-when-doctors-told-us-fat-was-bad-for-our-health-video.html Tue, 11 Apr 2017 16:39:47 +0000 Back in the 1990s, doctors told us that all fat was BAD for our health, while pushing everybody to eat unlimited sugar because “sugar doesn’t make you fat,” we were told.

Today, we know that advice was total nonsense, but it just goes to demonstrate how doctors and scientists can be completely wrong about health and nutrition, even when they insist they’re right.

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Remember when doctors told us FAT was bad for our health? from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

Amazing Health Ranger invention could help save millions of lives in a nuclear disaster /mikeadamsnews/2017-04-11-amazing-health-ranger-invention-could-help-save-millions-of-lives-in-a-nuclear-disaster.html Tue, 11 Apr 2017 15:19:47 +0000 “Cesium Eliminator”, a patented invention by the Health Ranger, could help save million of lives in case of nuclear catastrophe.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has been awarded the patent US 9526751 B2 for a breakthrough formula known as “Cesium Eliminator“.

This unique formula eliminates radioactive cesium isotopes from the gastrointestinal tract. Adams developed the dietary supplement formula to help save lives in case of a nuclear accident or nuclear disaster. Cesium Eliminator is derived from a patented combination of zeolites and selected dehydrated seaweeds. It is extremely efficient in binding with and eliminating cesium-137 in the gut. Adams has announced he is donating the manufacturing and licensing rights of his invention to any state or national government that wants to protect its population against the threat of nuclear war. At the moment, 10,000 kg of raw materials used for the formula is stockpiled in a warehouse in Texas.

He intends to produce and donate his invention at no cost to victims of nuclear strikes that could happen in the U.S.

What is cesium-137?

Cesium-137 is a radioactive isotope created in the aftermath of radioactive disasters like those seen in Fukushima and Chernobyl. Extremely long-lasting, cesium-137 can continue to contaminate an area for more than 200 years.

What happened in Chernobyl as well in Fukushima is a serious testament to how dangerous cesium-137 can be. If ingested, it will irradiate the body from the inside. This can lead to several life-threatening diseases such as cancer or even death.

Health Ranger’s Cesium Eliminator eliminates the presence of radioactive isotopes in the body. Adams emphasizes that this is not a “vitamin” or a regular supplement. It is a dietary supplement formula taken only in severe cases of radioactive contamination.

Cesium Eliminator can be mass-produced for local, state, or national governments use. The facility responsible for manufacturing the formula is located in Texas. It has all the necessary certifications and permits to ensure it operates with strict compliance to the law (ISO, FDA, and USDA requirements).

This breakthrough formula by the Health Ranger — which he is willing to donate — gives people the best chance of warding off the extreme effects of nuclear disasters.

Award-winning author of the bestselling science book on Amazon “Food Forensics”, Adams is famously known for raising the alarm on mercury vaccines, glyphosate in foods, and the corruption within the lucrative pharmaceutical industry.

Known as the Health Ranger, Adams has become a target of the world’s most nefarious industries.

The Health Ranger lab has also tested and published results of more than 600 municipal water samples in the U.S.




U.S. Govt. Uses Chemical Weapons Against American Children (Video) /mikeadamsnews/2017-04-10-u-s-govt-uses-chemical-weapons-against-american-children-video.html Mon, 10 Apr 2017 18:20:58 +0000 While chemical weapons attacks on children are now used to justify Tomahawk missile strikes in Syria, the U.S. government is currently running state-sponsored chemical weapons assaults on American children!

When will America’s chemical weapons attack against our own children finally be stopped?

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Cesium Eliminator Q&A for Radionuclide Protection (Video) /mikeadamsnews/2017-04-10-cesium-eliminator-qa-for-radionuclide-protection-video.html Mon, 10 Apr 2017 17:56:32 +0000 The Health Ranger answers questions about Cesium Eliminator, a patented invention that eliminates Cesium-137 radionuclides from the digestive tract.

Cesium Eliminator is NOT for sale directly to the public, and in this podcast the Health Ranger explains WHY it’s not for sale… along with an alternate solution you can pursue instead.

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Cesium Eliminator Q&A for radionuclide protection from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

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