Natural News update: Science content improvement, lab expansion, new websites launched, manufacturing expansion and more

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I’ve got an important update for all Natural News fans, covering our lab science improvements, our science-based content enhancements and a large expansion to Health Ranger Store operations, among other announcements. Thanks to your support in 2017, we experienced our most successful year ever in terms of visitor traffic, store sales and content expansion. We’ve reinvested significant resources into all the following expansions and improvements:

Over 50% of new Natural News articles now cite scientific studies from science and medicine journals

For starters, you may have noticed that over 50% of our articles are now citing one or more scientific studies from various journals, educational institutions, non-profits or other evidence-based organizations.

Over the last few months, we significantly expanded our content research team, and we now monitor breaking news from over 1,300 evidence-based journals covering nutrition, botanical medicine, mind-body medicine and other similar topics.

Until recently, most of our news articles cited other news sources such as Science Daily or Daily Mail, etc. But now — and moving forward — you will see that roughly half of our published stories carry direct citations from journals that publish evidence-based research.

Fortunately for us all, there is abundant evidence to support nutrition, holistic therapies, medicinal herbs, superfoods and much more. In fact, you’d be shocked to learn just how many science papers are published every single day on these topics, all around the world. Our aim is to bring you the most important ones we identity each day. (Many of these journals, by the way, are published outside the USA where Big Pharma’s corrupting influence is not as strong.)

Major upgrade in pesticide extraction technology for our food science lab

As I promised, we aim to test 1,000 off-the-shelf food products for pesticides in 2018. This list will include breakfast cereals, canned foods, superfoods, dietary supplements, vitamins and much more.

We’ve been delayed in this process because of two incredibly important upgrades that are now complete in our laboratory. They are:

1) We now have a new, automated pesticide extraction instrument that processes 12 food samples in less than an hour (total). This system uses liquid solvents combined with a pressure vessel and rapid heat to extract pesticides into liquid form. This liquid is then run in our LCMS-TOF system for identification of known pesticides. The rapid throughput of this system will enable us to meet our goals of testing 1,000 off-the-shelf foods (or about 100 per month, more or less).

2) We have added a new ionization interface to our mass spec system which brings us nearly one order of magnitude increase sensitivity in pesticide detection. In other words, if we had been able to detect a pesticide at 100 ppb using our previous interface, we can now detect it in concentrations as low as 10 ppb. This interface will allow us to confirm either the existence or absence of pesticide chemicals with unprecedented sensitivity.

Because of these two major enhancements to our food science lab, we are going to update the testing results for previous products we’ve already published (mostly some bone broth supplements) to display the results from our new testing and sample prep enhancements. Note that this is not necessarily bad news for bone broth manufacturers. It may, in fact, confirm their cleanliness to an even more sensitive level, especially for those products which are produced organically.

Thank you for your patience in our lab enhancements and testing ambitions. Good science is hard. We want to get this right, and that takes time, money and real dedication. (By the way, I’ve also filmed more science videos, including one explaining how liquid chromatography works, so watch for that soon.)

In 2018, the Health Ranger Store will be more nimble, with more inventory and an expanded selection of lab-verified products

In 2017, the demand for Health Ranger Store products was so high that we out-grew our existing facilities, both for production and order fulfillment. Much to my regret, this resulted in many products being out of stock during “surge” demand periods. In some cases, our orders also shipped out more slowly than we wanted (such as following the Black Friday specials).

For 2018, we are moving into a 400% larger facility that offers us greatly expanded manufacturing throughput (for all our capsules, powders, and so on) as well as the ability to achieve better economies of scale from larger production lots. Our pick-and-pack area is also significantly larger and capable of running three times as many fulfillment lanes as our current situation. The bottom line is that we will be faster, more efficient and more responsive once this new facility is fully up and running (over the next 90 – 120 days or so). We’ll also carry more inventory and have fewer “out of stock” situations.

We couldn’t have done this without your support, so thank you again for choosing us for your lab-verified health and green living products. We are reinvesting huge resources into our new facilities to serve you better!

Some new websites you’ll want to check out

Have you seen yet? This new site features food facts and medicinal uses for over 1,000 foods, nutrients, phytochemicals and more. It’s an entire library of knowledge.

We’ve also covering quite a bit of news about robots over at Increasingly throughout 2018, you’ll also discover more news about space travel, space exploration and astronomy at

For many months, we’ve also been publishing, which focuses on food research and science. It’s a very solid collection of content, and you’ll enjoy the site.

More recently, however, we acquired rights to publish, which is now live in a very crude rendition (it will be improved daily). will be a superset of, meaning it covers both food science as well as other food news (such as fast food, food trends, food recalls, etc.) is news for foodies, covering nutrition, agriculture, healing foods and dangerous food ingredients. is a site focused solely on pesticides, which generally refers to other classes of agricultural chemicals such as herbicides and fungicides as well. If you’re interested solely in glyphosate, a hotly debated herbicide, we cover that at

We also publish many food-specific sites for those readers who only want to focus on one superfood at a time. For example, check out or, both of which bring you all the best discoveries and research on those very powerful superfoods.

Content focus: Will there still be some politics on this site?

This site’s primary focus is health, nutrition, green living and self-reliance. Politics often has a role in each of these issues, but it is not our main focus. For pure politics, visit instead of this site. For pure news on natural health, visit Natural.News, which carries zero politics and near-zero “negative” news. Almost every single story on Natural.News is about natural healing, natural cures, green living, etc.

If pure politics is your primary interest, I recommend checking each day, which carries near-real-time updates from The National Sentinel and The Gateway Pundit, among other sites.

As you may also know, we are not beholden to any political party whatsoever. We honor principles, not tribes. Accordingly, our larger organization publishes many sites that focus on specific ideas that may interest you, such as, and even (for all Trump news, all the time). Those sites share less and less content with Natural News, however.

Remember, we also publish many other topic-focused websites such as, and

During the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections, by the way, we do not plan on endorsing specific candidates unless they have highly relevant positions on health freedom, food freedom or clean food. Instead, we endorse a simple rule of thumb: Vote against the media at every opportunity.

Content focus: Climate change and “green energy” technologies

We’ve been asked about our position on climate change and green energy. Are we pro coal? Pro solar? Pro wind? Pro oil? What’s our position?

Our position is simpler than you might suspect: We believe in renewable green energy as the best direction for human civilization. These energy sources currently include solar and wind, but they might also include zero-point energy or small-scale fusion reactors in the foreseeable future.

Until those energy sources are fully mature, however, we support America’s energy independence, which means leveraging the fossil fuels we have now to get us to a non-fossil-fuel economy, hopefully in the near future. America’s security truly depends on having our own energy supply, and it is inescapable that this must, by definition, involve natural gas, coal and petroleum (at least for now).

We also believe that much of what is said about “climate change” is rooted in extremely bad science and cultural myths pushed by a scientifically illiterate legacy media. Thus, we plan to continue covering the problems with such junk science claims, but at the same time we fully support green energy initiatives. Fossil fuels won’t last forever, and humanity needs to develop alternative energy sources to have any real sustainability as a civilization.

In essence, we are pro “green energy” but also skeptics of popular climate change narratives. Watch for us to continue covering green energy innovations and breakthroughs as they are documented in the science journals we monitor.

Our goals for 2018 and beyond:

In case you’re curious, our primary goals for 2018 and beyond include:

  • Covering ALL science and medicine advancements in the realms of nutrition, natural medicine, botanicals, healing arts and green living.
  • Expanding our laboratory testing capabilities and throughput for off-the-shelf products, and publishing those results publicly, for free.
  • Expanding our own in-house testing of our nutritional products to include more accurate quantitation of active molecular constituents.
  • Defending basic liberties such as freedom of speech, the freedom to think, medical freedom, health freedom and even self-defense freedoms.
  • Fighting against anti-science stupidity, censorship of independent media and attacks on our individual liberties.
  • Finally, for your entertainment, we have a series of unbelievably hilarious comedy animations to be released this year. These animations are so politically incorrect, they will be instantly banned on YouTube and derided for their hilarity. Watch this website for the announcement, and make sure you get as healthy as you can in the mean time so that you don’t die laughing.

Thank you again for all your support so far. We have much more to bring you in 2018 and beyond. If you support our mission, support us by shopping among over 600+ products for healthy living and green living at the Health Ranger Store.

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