How Things Would Look If You REALLY Lived in a Free Country (Video)

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Think you live in a free country? Think again: If you really lived in a free country, all sorts of things around you would look much different than the way they do now.

The Health Ranger explains what the world around you would ACTUALLY look like if you lived in a free country.

Podcast Transcript: “I’ve often said that we live in a relatively free country, but it’s not as free as you think. In this podcast I’d like to describe some of the things that you would see if you actually lived in a free country. So, whether you’re living in the United States, Canada or Australia (anywhere) listening to this, think about the place you live and whether you see these things, because these are signs of actual freedom. So, freedom has to include food freedom and medical freedom and so on. So, if America were a free country you would see farmers selling raw milk without being arrested and thrown in jail. But you don’t see that do you? You have to meet people in parking lots, secret meetings and go underground. There’s actually an underground milk economy. But if you lived in a free country, you’d be able to buy and sell not only cow’s milk but human breast milk. Some mothers can’t breastfeed their babies, so they need to buy breast milk from other mothers who have extra breast milk. Did you know this practice is basically illegal in the United States, because the FDA doesn’t like it. The government doesn’t like it. Same thing with raw milk from cows. Government doesn’t like it. They say it’s a public safety issue…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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How things would look if you REALLY lived in a free country from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

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