SETH RICH was MURDERED after leaking DNS emails to Wikileaks (Video)

There’s now now question that Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC emails to Wikileaks. Rich becomes yet another casualty of the Clinton murder machine that has already claimed the lives of DOZENS of people, going all the way back to Arkansas under Gov. Bill Clinton.

Podcast Transcript: “Alright, I’ve got breaking news for you on Seth Rich and the DNC. The entire Russian conspiracy narrative is now imploding and just falling apart by the hour. Seth Rich who was of course killed, and use to work for the DNC … The official story is that it was a botched robbery. In reality, what we all know is that he was murdered, because we now know -this is what’s new – he was sharing emails with Wikileaks. So in other words, he was working inside the DNC, he saw the criminality and corruption, he saw how the election was being rigged against Bernie Sanders, he saw the Clinton machine at work, first hand. So, he decided to go to Wikileaks and just share emails out there to get the truth out. The John Podesta emails – all of that.” Listen to the full Podcast below:

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SETH RICH was MURDERED after leaking DNS emails to Wikileaks from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

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